NGSS MS-PS2-4 Resources! Construct and present arguments using evidence to support the claim that gravitational interactions are attractive and depend on the masses of interacting objects.

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We at BirdBrain Science are working our tails off to aggregate NGSS lesson plans and resources for you to use.  Enjoy these lesson plans, videos and other helpful classroom resources for Middle School NGSS PS2-4:

1. Mass Versus Weight: Travel to Other Planets LP

Students differentiate mass and weight between the various planets to better understand the properties of matter. This lesson plan is thorough, complete with a downloadable quiz to evaluate the level of understanding.

2. Gravity: Demonstrating Motion on a Slope LP

Students create a velocity over time graph demonstrating a model with motion on a slope. Recording the force of gravity on the object down a slope will acknowledge acceleration.


3. Weighed Down Investigation LP

Students determine the relationship between mass and weight. Regardless of the weight, students are able to prove that objects accelerate at the same rate (free fall).

4. NOVA: Finding Life Beyond Earth | Comets Bombard the Early Earth

PBS NOVA educates students on the dynamic model of the solar system. Support materials in this link include; background essay, discussion questions, and even some teaching tips.


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