YouTube Channels for Science Teachers

We’re drowning in content. Users upload more than 400 hours of video to YouTube every minute. So how do you find quality educational content that’s up-to-date and appropriate for the classroom?

Many of our BirdBrain teachers are keeping up and leveraging YouTube to preview and review new science content. Here you will find teacher-recommended channels that will educate, engage, and inspire your students. These videos offer creative animations about the REM cycle to explaining the physics behind the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.  Any of these high quality videos are sure to spark student curiosity toward science.

1. National Geographic

National Geographic has a fantastic collection of short videos with playlists arranged by topic. It introduces students to a whole host of natural and biological topics, from animals and their habitats to mountain exploration.

  1. AsapScience

This channel uses science and drawn cartoons to explain a range of daily phenomenons from the inevitability of gas to the science behind productivity. These humorous 3-4 min videos can be a gateway to important science concepts, and why not offer students extra credit if they learn this catchy Periodic Table song?

  1. SciShow

Another fantastic channel which presents animation videos on science that’s sure to intrigue your students.

  1. TedEd

No matter what your age, TedEd encourages people to expand their horizons and their ambitions by featuring videos of the world’s leading scientists and innovators on a wide and diverse range of topics.  For accurate closed captioning, watch the videos directly on their website.

  1. ESPN Sports Science.

ESPN’s series Sports Science breaks down the skills behind the world’s top athletes using mathematics and science in 2-3 minute videos. Check out their entire collection here.  Even those who don’t love sports will enjoy watching Stephen Curry draining threes.

Also check out Exploratorium’s more in-depth take on sports science.

Any we missed? What are your favorite YouTube channels for the classroom? Sound off on the comments below!

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